Tiger JK to Debut As a Movie Star Through “Around the World”

Tiger JK will make his movie debut with the film “Around the World.”

The distributor of the film “Time Story” stated on January 8, “The godfather of Korean Hip Hop music Tiger JK will appear in the film ‘Time Story’ as a rocker who plays music on the street.”

Tiger JK said of the film, “I liked the scenario of the movie. I think it is a warm film that is needed by this generation. I chose to appear in it with a thankful heart. At first I was stressed because I might be a negative impact on the film. However, now I feel like movies are going to be another goal in my life.”

A representative said of Tiger JK’s acting, “Although it was his first time acting, he was very good at his scenes where he sung with a guitar and even fought in an action scene.”

The film “Around the World” is set for a February release.