Rain Puts on a Bow to Ease Tensions

Rain attempted to bring some light-hearted humor into the current situation by uploading the following selca of himself with a big bow on his head.

In the last couple of days, headlines broke out regarding the star’s alleged misuse of vacation days and not following the army’s strict dress code. The Ministry of National Defense released this statement regarding the decision on Rain’s violations as a draftee of the national army, “We understand that Rain has done special military promotions as part of his military service and when returning from one of those trips something personal came up that required him to address that personal concern. This is still regarded as a violation of the terms of his service however, and we have decided to place Rain on probation as a result.”

On November 23, December 2 and December 9, Rain had been assigned to military duties that required travel. On these trips it was revealed that he had met actress Kim Tae Hee, whom he is currently dating.

It has been reported that Rain has been very compliant and willing to carry out any punishment that he faces for these violations.