Actor Go Soo’s Dark Past with Flowery Pants

Does Go Soo have a “dark past” as well?

Recently, an online community portal site uploaded rather funny pictures of actor Go Soo in unimaginable fashion, and titled them “Go Soo’s Dark Past.”

In the picture, he is wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt underneath a black net sleeveless shirt. His top is matched with brightly colored flowery pants. These pictures were taken at the shooting set of the 1999 KBS2 drama “Gwang Ggi.” According to sources, he was wearing that striking outfit to suit his top star role in the drama.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “Here is Go Soo’s unerasable past,” “Where’s his stylist?,” “Can’t believe this fashion. Did that look pretty at that time,” “Was Gwang Ggi a funny sitcom?” and others wrote, “He still looks handsome,” and “His gorgeous face covers up that fashion.”