Han Hyo Joo’s Photo from 8 Years Ago Surface Online

Recently on an online community forum, Han Hyo Joo‘s picture from nearly 8 years ago surfaced with the title, “Han Hyo Joo from 8 Years ago when she was a freshmen in college!! Her letter of advice to other students after getting into college.” 

The post shows Han Hyo Joo’s picture along with the captured image of the letter she wrote to advice other students interested in applying to colleges in the Department of Theater and Film after she was accepted to the department at Dongguk University. The small ID picture of Han Hyo Joo shows her in a casual attire and almost no makeup on, smiling awkwardly and yet sweetly at the camera. Although she’s a bit younger and seems more naive in this picture, not much is different from herself in present. Her letter was written in a respectful and friendly tone, full of useful advices. 

Netizens commented, “She doesn’t look any different from now,” “She seems pure and innocent,” “So elegant,” “I see Son Ye Jin in this picture,” “She looks gorgeous,” “I can imagine freshman Han Hyo Joo being so adorable,” and “Read the letter. Her nice and caring personality shows!” 

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo is currently filming “Surveillance” with Seol Kyung Goo and Jung Woo Sung