Girls’ Generation Shares Personal Goals for 2013 and Beyond

Girls’ Generation just made a comeback on January 1 with their 4th studio album “I Got a Boy” and are currently busy with promotions. Known as one of Korea’s top girl groups, they consist of 9 individual members. So, what kind of plans do they have for this brand new year and beyond?

Taeyeon: “I’m becoming more ambitious with each year. I realize that my passion is growing bigger. That’s why performing in broadcasting stations doesn’t quench my thirst. I want to perform more on stage. I want to gain energy from the fans and it’s my goal to show the fans what they want to see.”

Yuri: “In order to have a more creative outlook in different areas, I want to have a bigger picture. I want to be an artist who can express more original content. I want to excel in one thing and have that naturally connect with other areas. It would be great if I can show my best sides.”

Seohyun: “This is the first time I participated in the album as a lyricist. I want to compose too. The unnis work really hard and are good role models. I want to try the stuff unnis did like musicals and being an MC. I want to work really hard one step at a time.”

Tiffany: “I, too, think more about music and singing with time and experience. I want to work even harder on music and I’m starting to be interested in acting as well. I’m looking at Korean scripts as well as ones in English and want to try acting.”

Sooyoung: “I’m currently MCing SBS’s ‘Midnight Entertainment TV.’ I’m really enjoying the work. After I get older and have more experience, I will be able to have more stories to share and give advice. That’s why I’d like to host a talk show when I’m older and also act in a good project like a drama or movie.”

YoonA: “I’ve acted in dramas, but I think I’m able to get these roles because I’m a part of Girls’ Generation. I want to continue promoting as Girls’ Generation while take on good projects and try different characters. In the past, I wanted to leave my Girls’ Generation image while I acted. But since I’m currently active in Girls’ Generation, I want to play a character that would match what the public sees in Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.”

Jessica: “I also have a lot of greed, so rather than wanting to do something, if there’s a chance and an opportunity, I want to continue singing and acting in musicals. If that’s the case, then I would have to constantly practice. I think that it’s important to learn. I’m currently studying a lot.”

Hyoyeon: “I think that I haven’t really shown myself on stage yet. Just like how I want to show a lot of things on stage, I want to show more good things.”

Sunny: “I also have a fun time trying new things, but I want to focus on the things I’m doing right now. It’s important to try new and different things, but more importantly, I would try if I’m confident about it. If it’s like clothes that don’t fit, I think it’s right to decline the opportunity. I want to focus on the things I’m doing now.”

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