Making of Video for “One Year Before” Revealed

The making of video for “One Year Before” was revealed yesterday on January 8. The song is a collaboration between A Pink members Kim Nam Joo and Jung Eun Ji, and BEAST’s Jang Hyun Seung.

During the making of Nam Joo says, “This is a real behind the scenes story but you see that snow over there. I heard it was collected. That is because it snowed today…”

Hyun Seung says, “I think my body is tightening up because of the cold.” Eun Ji screamed, “Ah~ So Cold~.”

A representative who helped film the music video stated, “We actually had a planned date for filming this music video. But, it suddenly began to snow and we decided to begin shooting during the snow for aesthetic purposes. That is why we have decided to film the music video earlier than planned.”

The representative continued, “The date set for filming was the coldest day during December. Despite of the cold, all of the artists and staff members worked very hard to make a beautiful video.”