Infinite H Works Hard on Album with an Attitude of Wanting to Learn

Infinite’s unit group Infinite H released the teaser for their title song, “Special Girl.” The unit group talked about their thoughts on working with great hip hop musicians. The short teaser of “Special Girl” contains a s simple beat. Throughout the teaser, the members of the unit group Dong Woo and Hoya go through different backgrounds.

In the teaser, the genius producer Primary appears with his signature square box mask. The lineup of Infinte H’s new album is great with Dynamic Duo, Zion. T, Bumkey, Geeks, and Beenzino.

A representative of Woollim Entertainment stated, “Infinite H has worked hard on the album with the attitude that they are learning from great hip-hop teachers. They are working hard so that they will not tarnish the name of these great artists. We are confident that the album as a whole including the title song will receive a lot of love.”

Infinite H plans on releasing their album on January 11.