miss A Suzy Taking a Break, Bored but Beautiful

The ever-so-beautiful member of miss A, Suzy uploaded a selca of herself. The picture shows the everyday life of Suzy. She wrote on January 9 through her twitter, “Currently my manager is completely engrossed in his video game. Merong. (A Korean way of saying “Neener Neener.”)

In the picture Suzy is making a beautiful smile. She is wearing a white blouse and her hair is looks gorgeous as it drops down flawlessly. It looks as though Suzy and her managers are taking a brief break.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I am so envious of the managers. She is so pretty,” “Suzy nuna are you bored? Where are all the other members?” and “Today is cold so be careful that you don’t catch a cold.”