Beast’s Yoseob Confesses: “I Ran Away From Home, But Mom Didn’t Know”

Beast’s Yoseob shared for the first time on broadcast that he ran away from home before.

He made a recent appearance on JTBC’s “We Are Detectives” where MC Lee Hwi Jae asked, “By any chance did you have experience running away from home?” Yang Yoseob answered, “I have experience running away, but mom didn’t know.”

He explained, “I attempted to run away. I did run away, but it turned into me just going out for a bit.” He shared that he decided to run away, but it was really cold the day he left and he was also starving so he returned home.

Comedian Kim Byung Man asked him, “Have you ever ran into a juvenile delinquent?” Yoseob answered, “I’ve never, but have thought about it. I would call the police and would buy time by talking to the kids so they wouldn’t run away.”

Meanwhile, this episode will be broadcasted on January 10 at 11pm (KST).