Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shares Her Thoughts regarding Recent Dating Rumors with Won Bin

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung revealed her thoughts on her recent dating rumors with actor Won Bin. She joined her fellow members of Girls’ Generation to meet with the press on January 8.

Regarding her relationship with Won Bin, Sooyoung started, “When I heard the news at the time, I laughed it off. I have never met him, nor have I ever been with someone who looked like him. I was taken aback because it was so absurd, but it did feel nice.” She continued, “But when the story got bigger and bigger, I was upset. Because of that rumor, other rumors started forming and it kept making headlines.”

Sooyoung also revealed, “Because of this incident, it broadened my perspective. Before when I saw other celebrities’ dating rumors, I always thought there was something there. But now, I can see that some of these rumors really are groundless. I realized that I should be careful of what I say about others.” She concluded, “While it was an honor [to be involved in a dating rumor with Won Bin], he is actually quite far from being my ideal type.”

Meanwhile, Sooyoung was swept up in dating rumors with Won Bin late last year after their names and their supposed romantic relationship was posted on the Korean Celebrity X-files.