Sooyoung Shares: “I Want to Gain Weight.. I Hate It When People Ask If I’m Sick”

Known as one of the skinniest members in Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung shared that she wants to gain weight.

As with any other girl group, Girls’ Generation was also asked about their diet and how they keep up with being fit. Sooyoung shared, “I hate it when people ask if I’m sick. I’m really healthy and just can’t gain weight.”

The members tried to avoid looking frail and thin for this comeback. Jessica shared, “It doesn’t look good to be too delicate for this type of performance. The body looks good if it’s more shapely. But Sooyoung is a little thin. I don’t know how all the organs can go in there. It’s fascinating.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is currently busy promoting their 4th album “I Got a Boy.”