JYJ Kim Jae Joong’s Solo Track “One Kiss” Tops The iTunes Charts in 5 Countries

Not even a day has passed since JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong released his solo track “One Kiss” and it has already topped the iTunes charts in 5 countries

Released out into the world on January 8, Kim Jae Joong’s “One Kiss” not only was placed in the number one spot in the Korean music web sites including Bugs and Cyworld, it has been placed in the top spot on the iTunes charts in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam as well. Much interest had been garnered since this is the singer’s first solo album in the genre of rock.

On top of those five countries, “One Kiss” topped the music charts in the genre of rock in 4 more countries such as in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

An official of the label stated, “This trendy song was produced with a powerful sound that matches well with Kim Jae Joong’s mellow voice. With such a modern melody, the song is being well received in North and South America, and in Europe as well. When the album will be properly out, it will once again top the music charts worldwide.”

Kim Jae Joong’s first solo mini-album “Mine” will be out on January 17 and his solo concert “Your, My and Mine” was sold out in just 2 minutes, filling up all 16,000 seats.