Sequel to the Legendary Film “Friend” Will Be Made in the Near Future

Popular film “Friend,” which was released 12 years ago, will have its sequel made in the near future.

Director Gwak Kyung Taek will be involved in the upcoming “Friend 2.” What makes the fans excited is the fact that unlike other comic or action sequels, “Friend 2” will be a continuation of the original story.

In the original film, it tells the story of four friends between the 1970’s to 1990’s. At the time of its release, “Friend” attracted over 8 million viewers and received a lot of attention. With an incredible cast including actor Jang Dong Gun, “Friend” is considered to be a legend in the Korean film industry.

An official from the film industry announced on January 8, “Currently, we have not decided whether to cast the same actors from the first film.”

“Friend 2’s” scenario has already been created. Some of the same characters from the first film will re-appear. Since the character Dong Su, played by Jang Dong Gun, died at the end of the “Friend,” his son is to appear instead.