Secret’s Zinger Resumes Activities

It’s a relief to many fans that Zinger has gotten better and will resume activities with the rest of her members.

On January 10, TS Entertainment stated that Zinger completely recovered from the serious car accident last month through a press release. It was reported that she was seriously injured with broken ribs and bruised lungs. She has been resting since and the company has focused on her full recovery. She recently has been discharged from the hospital and will make her first public appearance next week at the “27th Golden Disc Awards” in Malaysia on January 15 and 16.

An official from her agency stated, “As Zinger’s in charge of rap and dance within the group, the stage missed her absence as the rest of the members did their best to continue with the promotions. The members are really that she’s well enough to resume activities and perform at the ‘Golden Disc Awards.’”

It’s been revealed that Zinger is preparing a special stage for her special comeback and will collaborate with labelmate B.A.P.