Park Shi Hoo Invites Fans from China and Japan to the Filming of “Alice In Cheongdamdong”

Actor Park Shi Hoo spent some special time with his foreign based fans.

Last weekend, Park Shi Hoo invited more than 500 of his fans from Japan and China to the film set of SBS’s special weekend drama “Alice In Cheongdamdong.” In the drama, he plays the main character Cha Seung Jo.

Despite the severely cold weather, fans behaved themselves and intently watched the star act. Park Shi Hoo even made time to wave at the fans.

After the shooting, Park Shi Hoo and the fans moved to another venue, where they were able to take pictures and talk. He made sure to make individual eye contact with every single fan and gave them high-fives.

Park Shi Woo showed his appreciation to his fans by saying, “I really appreciate my overseas fans braving the cold weather to see me. Because of the long drama shooting time, I felt bad that I could not spend more time with them. I will keep working hard to show my gratitude to the fans. Please show lots of love for ‘Alice In Cheongdamdong’ until the very end.”

Meanwhile, in the last episode, Park Shi Hoo announced his desire to marry Han Sae Kyung (the character he is courting in the drama). Be sure to watch the next episode to see what happens!