Interview with Girls’ Generation Part 1: “Rather Than Feeling Fearful with Each Year, We Feel Great”

These girls just made a comeback on January 1 with their 4th studio album “I Got a Boy” and had a chance to sit down with SBS’s “E! News” for an interview.

#It’s been a while since you came out with an album as Girls’ Generation.
YoonA: “We spent even more time on this album and anticipated the response because we’re showing a new side to ourselves. I really wanted to show our performance to everyone soon. It seems like time went by quickly, but I’m happy that we can meet like this.”
Seohyun: “I wanted us to show we improved musically. We took extra precaution to show our new selves through a title track with a different genre.”

#The title track received mixed reviews by the public. It seems that the response is better overseas.
Tiffany: “It hasn’t been that long since we made our comeback. We have to wait a little longer to see the response. When we first heard the title track, we thought it was difficult. But we kept listening to it and we liked it more with time. It’s a song that grows on you so it would be great if you listen to it for years to come.”
Taeyeon: “This song is a new start for us and it has a fun element hidden in it. There are good moments in the song as you keep listening. If this is how we feel, we think that listeners will also feel the same way.”

#It’s already your 6th year since debut. If there’s a time when you think it’s different from the past.
Tiffany: “We’re relaxed now and realize that our stamina is different. It became better as we we practiced the choreography for this song. We’re more confident that we can improve with time and can show our improved selves and better performances. We have pride. Rather than feeling fearful with each year, we feel great. We become more confident because we’re able to continue working hard for this long.”
Hyoyeon: “I think that this is probably a stage where we have the most fun. We’re more relaxed and enjoy the stage.”

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