2Yoon Releases More Information on Upcoming Album

By now, many fans are aware that 4minute’s Huh Ga Yoon and Jeon Ji Yoon have teamed up as project group 2Yoon and they will be one of the first to try country pop within the K-Pop industry.

They will be releasing their first mini album “Harvest Moon” and revealed that the country pop track is titled “24/7.” The title is meant to express a person being able to be free from the everyday stress and enjoy each and every single day. It’s starts off with an intriguing melody and the overall merry tune makes one want to dance.

The mini album is a result of the girls’ and staff’s hard work and dedication to bring something new to the industry and the fans. Huh Ga Yoon has participated in the album as a visual director.

Meanwhile, it’s also been revealed that comedian Jung Hyung Don will make a cameo in the music video for “24/7.” The mini album will be available through online music sites on January 17.