Won Bin Denies the Wedding Rumor

On January 1 on various online communities and SNS, a news report of actor Won Bin’s upcoming wedding was released.

The report stated that Won Bin has been dating a model for the past three years, and that he will be secretly marrying this model on January 27, 2013 at a hotel in Seoul.

The fans could not hide their surprise at this shocking news. However, it was found out later that this was a false report made by an unknown person.

Won Bin’s agency stated, “The rumor that Won Bin will be getting married this month is unfounded. He is not planning to get married anytime soon.”

Fans who heard this news commented, “I was so surprised because I though he was really getting married,” “Whoever made up this rumor should give himself up to the police,” “Won Bin must have been surprised too when he heard the news, especially on the New Year’s Day.”