New Teaser Photos of VIXX As “Wild Beastly Men”

Popular boy band VIXX will be soon making their come back and have recently revealed a charismatic photo spread that highlights their masculine charms.

On January 10, VIXX’s official Twitter (@RealVIXX) tweeted individual photos of each member for their upcoming third single, On And On,” which is to be released on January 17.

Each of the VIXX members, Ravi, Ken, Keo, Hongbin, N and Hyuk posed with different color hair styles, yellow lenses and smokey eyeliner. This resulted in a mysterious and masculine image, which earned them the nickname, “wild beastly men.”

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “Shocking visuals that gave me goosebumps,” “Isn’t this too intense?” “Their lenses make them seem too wild,” “I wonder what kind of title track would fit with this image,” and many more.

Meanwhile, VIXX pre-released a new track, I Don’t Want To Be An Idol on January 7.