miss A’s Min Poses With a Special Cup of Latte Art

miss A‘s Min recently shared a photo of herself with a cup of coffee that had a special meaning behind it. 

On January 10, Min tweeted the photo with the caption, “This is special coffee made by GUGLIEMO.”

In the photo, Min looks like a fashionista with her horn-rimmed sunglasses, trendy blouse, casual jeans, and while pointing at a cup of coffee specially prepared for her. What especially drew the attention of Netizens were the words “miss A” on the latte cream portion of the coffee. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “I’m envious of Min’s special coffee!” “If I ever got something like that, I would consider it wasteful to eat,” “This looks like someone else besides Min. I feel like she’s gotten much more mature and older.”