Daniel Choi Buys Chicken Stew for Entire Cast and Crew of “School 2013”

Daniel Choi recently treated the entire cast and crew of “School 2013” to the ever popular Korean chicken stew dish.

On January 9, actor Kwak Jung Wook tweeted, “Teacher Daniel Choi is treating us! The chicken stew was delicious! From now on, I will listen to the teacher more” and uploaded the following photos.

In the photos, actors Kwak Jung Wook, Lee Ji Hoon and Lee Lee Kyung are seen humorously taking photos with a huge piece of cooked chicken from the stew and tearing into it all together with their chopsticks. The rest of the photos captures all the staff and cast members lining up to get their bowl. Choi Daniel is pictured in the far bottom left corner posing alongside other actors from “School 2013.”

It was reported that nearly 150 bowls of chicken stew were handed out to hungry staff and cast members. 

Netizens who saw the photos and tweet commented, “They seem like they’re really enjoying the chicken stew!” “Wow, Choi Daniel bought all of them chicken stew? He’s quite the caring teacher,” and “It’s great to see them enjoying the food together!”