Amber Takes a Picture with “Princess” Krystal

f(x)’s Amber took couple adorable pictures with her teammate Krystal.

On January 9, she posted the picture on her twitter along with the caption, “Got a picture with the princess.. Her royal highness…ish.”

The two look close in the pictures. On the left, Krystal gives a small smile while Amber purses her lips. Krystal gets the memo and imitates Amber in the right picture.

Netizens who saw their selcas commented, “Amber and Krystal selca. They’re so cute,” “So Amber does call Krystal a princess,” “f(x) members get along.”

Meanwhile, Amber updated her twitter with couple more pictures enjoying her break. Some of the fans think the other person in the skiing picture is Krystal. Soompiers, do you think they’re right?