[Interview] NU’EST Talks About Their Trainee Days, Twitter, and Weird Habits!

It’s been nine months since NU’EST’s debut, but Aron, JR, Minhyun, Baekho, and Ren remain as sweet and down-to-earth as when they first debuted. Soompi managed to clinch an exclusive interview with the five handsome boys during their “The Face to Face in Malaysia” event last month. Random outbursts and a few charmingly awkward moments show that these guys are indeed rookies in the industry — albeit very talented ones! Want to know NU’EST’s favorite memory from their trainee days, which song got them cast into Pledis Entertainment, and what kind of fan meeting they would like to personally organize for their fans? Then you need to check out our interview!

By the way, NU’EST also revealed that they will be making their comeback in early 2013. So remember to show these amazing boys some support this year!