Lee Seung Ki Renews Endorsement Contract With Pizza Hut

On January 10, Pizza Hut agency representatives renewed their endorsement model contract with Lee Seung Ki. The decision made a compelling popularity statement about Lee Seung Ki, who has been Pizza Hut’s endorsement model for the past four years. 

This will be the third time the contract has been renewed since 2010, when Lee Seung Ki was first selected as Pizza Hut’s endorsement model. 

Pizza Hut representatives had this to say about their selection, “We feel that Lee Seung Ki’s bright and friendly personality matches the brand image that Pizza Hut actively strives for. Working with Lee Seung Ki the past three years has been a pleasure and our brand awareness has benefited positively as a result. We hope to continue working with Lee Seung Ki towards various advertisement and promotional activities that you can look forward to seeing in the future.”