After School’s Lizzy Praises Film “Cloud Atlas”

On her Twitter on the night of January 10, After School’s member Lizzy left a message, “I watched the movie ‘Cloud Atlas,’ which included the cast of actress Bae Doo Na. It was the best! It was so exciting all the way through.”

Netizens who read Lizzy’s message commented, “I will have to watch it now,” “Lizzy has a good taste in movies.”

Meanwhile, the film “Cloud Atlas” tells six unique stories and is considered to include six different genres; mystery, romance, thriller, comedy, SF, and fantasy.

Casts of this movie include famous Hollywood actors Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, and Suzan Sarandon, and a Korean actress Bae Doo Na.

Meanwhile, Lizzy is currently appearing on MBC’s drama “Rascal Sons.”