Past Photos of Han Ji Min Volunteering Are Revealed

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a short video was uploaded under the title, “22-year-old university student Han Ji Min appeared on news in the past.”

In the video is young Han Ji Min who was a university student at the time. Despite minimal makeup, Han Ji Min looks beautiful and youthful in this video.

Han Ji Min studied social work courses and used to be an active volunteer during her college days. Even after she became a celebrity, Han Ji Min continued to volunteer and became an honorary ambassador for a Korean group appointed by UN.

In addition, Han Ji Min has recently participated in the event titled “Please be a mother to the starving children in the world,” which was held by UN-associated group Join Together.

Fans that saw this video commented, “She is a real angel,” “I love Han Ji Min,” “She is an actress with a kind heart.”