Jung Woo Sung Admits He Is Interested in miss A’s Suzy and Shin Se Kyung

Actor Jung Woo Sung expressed his interest in miss A‘s Suzy and actress Shin Se Kyung.

On January 11, Jung Woo Sung was interviewed in a segment of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News.” The reporter asked him, “Which actress do you have your eyes on these days?” Jung Woo Sung’s first answer was Suzy.

He then named Shin Se Kyung and said, “I see myself taking interest in new actresses rather than old actresses. I have forgotten all about the past,” which made everyone laugh.

Jung Woo Sung also said that he wanted Song Joong Ki‘s role in “A Werewolf Boy.” He said, “I can wait very well. Joong Ki, you wait,” as he imitated a line from the movie and once again made the studio laugh.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo Sung honestly admitted that he didn’t know in the past, but now thinks that he is good-looking.