Kang Min Kyung’s Close-up Selca Reveals Her Doll-Like Features

On her Twitter in the afternoon of January 12, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung uploaded a photo of herself along with a short message “Pong.”

In the picture is Kang Min Kyung looking at the camera with an adorable pouty expression. She has her long hair down and is wearing a multi-colored shirt. Despite the fact that it is a close-up, Kang Min Kyung’s skin looks flawless and beautiful.

Netizens who saw this selca commented, “Kang Min Kyung has such beautiful skin,” “She is so gorgeous,” “She looks like a porcelain doll,” “She looks even more beautiful than before,” ‘She is a goddess,” “Porcelain skin,” “I am so envious.”

Meanwhile, Kang Min Kyung has recently participated in Speed’s new song “Sad Promise.”