Lee Seok Hoon Reveals Last Music Video Before Going Off to The Army

Singer Lee Seok Hoon prepared a last song as a present for his fans before being enlisted for military duty.

Various music sites uploaded Lee Seuk Hoon’s special title song and music video, “As a man, Not a friend,” on January 11. The title song’s music video is about a guy who confesses his love to his friend. The music video showcases the singer singing in a live cafe while watching a group of friends gather before a guy goes off for his military duty.

Everyone including a girl sitting across from the guy about to go to the military is having a good time until realization sets in for the girl that the guy is about to go away. It is clear that the girl has feelings towards the boy. The two make eye contact under the table and tears flow from their eye’s when they meet under the table to pick up the pieces of a coffee mug that he accidentally knocks to the ground. The video ends with the guy giving the girl a heart shaped piece of the coffee mug that broke on the ground as a token showing his love towards her.

The special album will be available to the public on January 18. Lee Seok Hoon’s good-bye performance will be held at Yonsei University on January 19.