Girls’ Generation Says: “Junior Artists Don’t Greet Us”

Girls’ Generation recently gave a word of advice to their junior artists.

On January 12, Girls’ Generation appeared on KBS2‘s “Entertainment Relay” for the “Guerilla Date” segment and sat through an interview.

The reporter asked the girls, “What kind of seniors are the Girls’ Generation members to their junior artists?” Sunny playfully answered, “There are so many pretty junior artists these days that we kind of feel threatened.”

Jessica added, “But these days, during music programs, when we come across some junior artists, they don’t even greet us and just pass by,” and “Usually, when artists come back with a new album, they give the album to other artists as gifts. But it doesn’t seem like we received as much as we gave,” expressing her disappointment.

Then Sunny continued, “But when the nine of us sit all together, we might look a bit scary. I don’t think people could easily come up to us because of our ‘force.’ But from now on, we hope that our juniors will come up to us first.”