TIME Magazine Mentions Girls' Generation On Their Website

The Times Magazine recently published an article featuring Girls’ Generation on their website in the Entertainment section.

Reporter Lily Rothman interviewed Jane Choi, the band’s U.S. marketing rep who talked briefly about the girls’ plans for debuting in the U.S. with Interscope Records. In fact, the band is in talks with the record label about releasing an English version of “I Got A Boy” along with other tracks in their first full-length American album. Details have yet to be confirmed.

The title of the article “Can the New Single from K-Pop Stars Girls’ Generation Challenge ‘Gangnam Style‘?” set the tone for the entire article as the reporter discusses how Girls’ Generation will be positioning themselves in relation to PSY‘s phenomenal success with “Gangnam Style” in the U.S. and how interest in K-Pop from abroad has reached new heights. 

The article mentions Girls’ Generation’s comeback with the title track “I Got A Boy,” citing more than 25 million hits the music video has attracted since its release on December 31. The music video has also been included in the article for viewing as well. The song is currently at No. 2 behind “Gangnam Style” on YouTube music charts. 

Jane Choi also went on to explain what a unique platform YouTube was for K-Pop stars in reaching audiences overseas, especially when it came to becoming part of their mainstream music. She stated, “Even though a lot of people do just turn to YouTube for music these days, we think that radio is still important. That’s what mainstream music is. I don’t think we’re at a disadvantage because we’re not as funny and the dance isn’t as easy to follow as the horsey dance.” 

And even though Girls’ Generation and PSY hail from the same K-Pop scene, Jane explained how they are different acts with unique appeal, “Just like how in the U.S. there’s rock and there’s pop.” The author of the article also likened PSY to LMFAO and Girls’ Generation to the “nine Miley Cyruses or Destiny’s Child times three.”

Even though Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” is a billion views shy or so of PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” Lily Rothman goes on to say that PSY’s success has good for Girls’ Generation in showing that “unfamiliarity doesn’t have to hold an artist back” and that “music is universal.”

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