U-KISS Releases MV for Sixth Japanese Single “Alone”
U-KISS recently released the music video for their sixth Japanese single “Alone,” which features the six members giving a powerful performance in what appears to be an industrial setting with fluorescent lighting and cooling fans for added effect.

All the members appear to be singing in proficient Japanese, which is a strong evidence of their hard work and preparation abroad for claiming a spot in the Japanese market. Their costumes are comprised of animal prints, metal and stud details on what appears to be upgraded air force uniforms.

Check out the video below!

Netizens who saw the music video commented, “I never like ALL the songs a group makes, but U-KISS seems to be the exception!”, “Everything is freaking P-E-R-F-E-C-T! God! I’m so proud of them!”, “I miss AJ…”, “Spazzing out over their awesome dancing, they always have something new. U-KISS Fighting!”, “The amazing Japanese people have put it on YouTube so their friends from other countries can see it!”, “The mini album will be released in February” and “The official release of this music video is on February 13. But anyway, this mv i awesome and I just wanna marry all of them!”