miss A’s Suzy and Min Showcase Adorable Charms

miss A‘s Suzy and Min recently showed off their adorable and chic charisma with a mirror selca.

On January 13, Min tweeted an adorable photo of the two with the caption, “Poopie hair style~”

In the photo, Suzy and Min are in the bathroom taking a photo in front of the mirror with slightly tousled hairstyles wrapped up in buns. The hair piled on top looks like adorable mounds of poopie usually drawn in emoticons as a little brown pile. Min makes an adorable pout while Suzy looks on in a chic and sweet way.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “They look adorable with ‘poopie’ buns!” “They tied their hair up so high,” “Suzy looks beautiful even with her hair tied up in any way,” “Min looks like a little bunny,” “What adorable girls,” and “They’re so lovable.”