KARA's Goo Hara Thanks Fans for Birthday Wishes with Handwritten Letter

KARA member Goo Hara recently wrote a thank you letter to fans who had sent warm birthday wishes and gifts to her. 

On January 13, Goo Hara tweeted “To. My lovely fans ♡” and attached a photo of a letter she had handwritten earlier that day. 

Goo Hara first began the letter by saying, “Hello everyone! This is Hara. I’m feeling a little nervous writing a letter by hand, because it’s been a long time. First off, happy 2013 everyone! I hope you receive many blessings. The weather these days is frightfully cold isn’t it? Please remember to dress warmly, eat meals regularly, and stay healthy during this time!”

She went on, “You don’t have to worry about us (KARA), for we are eating healthy and taking care of our bodies! After receiving so many handwritten letters from you all, I sometimes have a little trouble knowing how to express myself on paper. I feel a little shy. When you all write letters, I wonder what you choose to say? I wonder if you worry and worry like I do. You clutch the paper tightly so that you can write your characters neatly like I’m doing now, right?”

Then she thanked fans by saying, “Today is my birthday! So I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart by showing you how touched I am by all of the warm birthday wishes you have sent me. Thank you for always loving and supporting me when I still lack a lot. I wish I could do better and become stronger, but since I am still young I guess my ambition leaps ahead of my capability to do so.”

Hara wrapped the letter up by saying, “This year of 2013 looks bright, so I hope to work even harder and not disappoint anyone! I hope you all have a wonderful 2013 by doing all the things you wish to do and find happiness. I love you all~♡”

In related news, Goo Hara recently performed with the rest of the members of KARA at the Tokyo dome for their “KARASIA” tour on January 6. 

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