CNBlue’s “Re:BLUE” Mini-Album Received Over 100,000 Pre-Orders

Anticipation for CNBlue‘s come back with their new album is already heightening.

CNBlue released their new mini album “Re:BLUE” today, January 14, and have recorded over 100,000 pre-order sales. Since there are many groups coming back and debuting these days, it isn’t an easy feat receive over 100,000 pre-order sales.

The online reactions are also hot. Several teaser clips of the title track “I’m Sorry” have been released, which excited many fans. Teaser clips of each individual member Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin have also been released, which has already gathered up 1.5 million views all together.

CNBlue’s “Re:BLUE” has already been named the #1 pre-ordered album in Japan.

“I’m Sorry” was written and composed by Jung Yong Hwa and has a powerful rock sound. Other tracks in the album have been written and composed by the other members as well.

CNBlue will be holding their come back stage on January 18 on “Music Bank.”