Song Ji Hyo Dreamed of Becoming An Actress Because of Park Shin Yang

Song Ji Hyo recently revealed that she dreamed of becoming an actress after seeing Park Shin Yang.

On the episode of “Running Man” that aired on January 13, the guests of the day were Park Shin Yang and Uhm Ji Won.

While the “Running Man” members were in the car, Yoo Jae Suk mentioned, “Ji Hyo, tell everyone what you were telling Park Shin Yang earlier.”

Then Song Ji Hyo revealed, “After watching Park Shin Yang in the film, ‘Promise,’ I wanted to become an actress so badly.”

Haha also admitted that he was a Park Shin Yang fan. He said, “I watched all of Park Shin Yang’s movies.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has tried voice acting for the animated movie, “Marco Macaco.”