Shin Se Kyung Expresses Frustration about Baseless Rumors on Twitter

On January 12, Shin Se Kyung wrote on her twitter, “What boring fiction.” Her friend responded by saying, “Yeah, I know. I can’t ask you to not be on your computer when you’re just trying to unwind. Just go watch something good on TV and forget about it.”

Shin Se Kyung responded back to this friend expressing much frustration, “I know. There’s this thing. Something you can only see on the Internet…it’s so frustrating. What do I do?” She tried to brush off the issue by changing the subject, “Now that I think about it, ‘Alice In Cheongdamdong‘ airs tonight. I’m gonna go watch to show and forget about everything else.” However, she still did not explain what kind of “boring fiction” she was referring to or was frustrated about.

Netizens speculated that Shin Se Kyung referred to a tabloid news report about a male celebrity’s alleged simultaneous multiple relationships with female celebrities as a “boring fiction.” Several netizens assumed that Shin Se Kyung is one of the involved female celebrities in this controversial relationship. The rumor started out online in various online community forums and through SNS on January 11.