IU Sends Thanks to Lee Hyun Woo’s Mother via Broadcast

IU is currently raising a few netizens’ eyebrows for saying her thanks to a male celebrity’s mother on television.

On January 13, IU, ZE:A’s Kwanghee and actor Lee Hyun Woo appeared on SBS’s music program “Inkigayo” as MC’s where they shared how to stay healthy during the cold winter.

On this day, IU asked her peers, “Do you have tips to keep your health in tip-top shape during winter?” Kwanghee recommended a humidifier while Lee Hyun Woo shared, “Mom always makes me citron tea.”

IU added, “In fact, Lee Hyun Woo’s mom always makes citron tea whenever there’s a ‘Inkigayo’ recording. That’s why Kwanghee and I get to have some too. Mother, thank you.”

Netizens had mixed reactions. Some of their comments include, “IU has manners,” “IU’s still the nation’s younger sister” and “Whether she does those things, her image won’t change.”