B.A.P’s Zelo Ties a Ribbon Around His Neck As a Gift for Fans

B.A.P‘s Zelo has tied a ribbon around his neck and transformed into a surprise gift for his fans to publicize B.A.P’s upcoming concert.

On January 14, Zelo tweeted, “I forcefully gift myself to the Babyz. I hope you will all come to our concert! My Baby friends,” along with a photo.

In the photo, Zelo is sporting untouched, blonde hair with a makeup-less face. Eyes were especially drawn to Zelo’s ribbon that is tied around his neck, as he presented himself as a gift for his fans in order to publicize B.A.P’s upcoming concert.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, “Zelo looks innocent when he’s not all made up,” “I must go to the concert to receive my Zelo present,” “If you are waiting with a ribbon tied around your neck, I will definitely go to the concert to receive this forceful gift,” and more.

Meanwhile, B.A.P will be holding their standalone concert on February 23 and February 24 in the Olympic Hall of Seoul.