Actress Go Eun Ah Explains Her Past Scandal with Her Brother Mir

On January 14 on the first episode of MBC’s “Talk Club Actors,” actress Go Eun Ah introduced herself as a troublemaker.

Go Eun Ah explained, “I’ve had my share of scandals, but I never had the chance to explain myself. My brother Mir is currently a member of an idol group MBLAQ. To me, he is just my little brother, but the public seems to see me as a woman, rather than Mir’s sister.”

Go Eun Ah continued, “Our family has lived apart for a long time, so we are especially expressive of our love for each other. All we said to each other was encouraging words, but people seem to misunderstand. Nowadays, we can’t even take pictures together because we fear people are going to make up more vicious rumours.”

Go Eun Ah also added, “I am a very affectionate and outspoken person and so perhaps that is why people misunderstood me. I really hope that the people would stop saying bad things about me and my family.”