Kim Won Joon Reveals the Secret in Achieving a “Flower Boy Face”

Singer-Actor Kim Won Joon decided to share how he’s able to maintain his “flower boy face” for such a long time.

On January 14, he appeared on MBC’s radio program “Blue Night Jung Yeop” where the host asked how he’s able to main such a youthful face. Kim Won Joon revealed, “I rarely drink and smoke. Even if I do drink, I have more self control than my group M4’s Choi Jae Hoon and Bae Ki Sung.”

Meanwhile, he has also been recently admitted into Sangmyung University’s Department of Music Technology as a graduate student and shared, “Sunbae, and also my professor, Yoon Sang is very difficult and doesn’t grade easily.” Yoon Sang responded cutely, “Please watch me favorably,” which caused much laughter within the studio.