Kim Rae Won Gained 33 Pounds Because of Hamburgers?

Actor Kim Rae Won explained why he gained weight.

On January 14, he appeared on SBS’s popular variety talk show “Healing Camp” where MC Kim Jae Dong revealed couple screen captures of the actor looking heavier than normal.

Kim Rae Won shared, “It’s been a month and a half since the movie filming finished and we shot the last filming in the U.S. I was 33 pounds heavier than normal even until last week.”

He continued, “I think the reason of the quick weight gain is because of hamburgers. I think that’s the excuse used for every interview. At first, I thought that actors had to take care of themselves during the project, but I already finished mine. However, there wasn’t any reaction to what I said.”

He also said, “Actors have to take care of themselves, of course, but rather than the face, the inner self is more important and that’s why I gained weight. I’ve lost about 9 pounds before coming on this talk show. I was a little swollen the day my picture was taken.”