Interview with Girls’ Generation Part 2: “Thanks to PSY, We Have More Opportunities Now”

These girls made a comeback on January 1 with their 4th studio album “I Got a Boy” and had a chance to sit down with SBS’s “E! News” for an interview.

You can check out part 1 of their interview here.

#The group consists of 9 girls. There must be conflicts once in awhile. Being able to overcome those conflicts helps a group to last long together.
Jessica: “We start chatting away when we’re together. We still chat through texts when we’re apart. We tell each other what we’re doing when we’re apart and take selcas and send it to each other.”
Yuri: “We always talk to each other and are all close to everyone. We’ve been especially talkative during this album’s promotion and have been talking a lot about delicious foods. Haha”

#You’ve achieved a lot with the name Girls’ Generation, but what do you want to achieve in the long run?
Jessica: “It would be great if we could be active with the name Girls’ Generation for more than 10 years to come. That sounds the hardest. We had this question not too long ago and we’ve talked about our individual goals. We have to grow our individual brand power so that when we get together as Girls’ Generation, it will be even bigger. We believe that our individual activities will help our team as a whole. It would be great if we could do well in our individual activities.”

#You must have a dream about working in the U.S. You’ve had a few schedules in the states before PSY and his whirlwind promotion.
Sooyoung: “PSY sunbae paved an awesome path for his juniors last year. We thought that we could probably stand on a better stage now because of PSY. We’re curious to how much further K-Pop can grow.”
YoonA: “Being first is not what’s important. Rather, it’s about bringing awareness to K-Pop. We believe that thanks to PSY, we have more opportunities now.”
Tiffany: “Wherever you go in the world, there isn’t a group with 9 girls. We believe that ‘variety’ is our strength. Whether it’s music or performance, we want to show our strengths through different varieties.”

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