“School 2013” to End with 16 Episodes and 1 Special Episode

Although there has been much talk and speculation that the KBS drama “School 2013” will be extended, it has been confirmed that the series will end at 16 episodes.

On January 13, the “School 2013” staff stated, “We’ve been planning out sixteen episodes for ‘School 2013’ ever since the beginning. Because the actors, staff, writers and directors have been working without rest, we don’t think an extension is possible.”

The staff also spoke about a special episode that will air on January 29 by saying, “It’s not to make up for that one episode that wasn’t aired because of the 2012 KBS Drama Awards. We have prepared this special episode in order to give back to the viewer’s who gave this drama much love and to fill up the disappointment of the drama coming to an end.”

The staff also added that the details for special episode haven’t been decided upon yet. “It will be a meaningful special episode,” they commented.

Netizens have spoken up about this matter by saying, “Ah… I was really into this drama,” “It’s sad that ‘School 2013’ has to end with only 16 episodes,” “16 episodes? There’s not much left then,” “I’m crying out of the sadness,” and more.