G-Dragon Sweetly Stares into Ha Eum’s Eyes

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is receiving attention for showing his loving uncle side. (author’s note: Ha Eum is one of YG Entertainment‘s Sean’s daughters.)

On January 15, Sean posted on his twitter, “Ha Eum and G-Dragon a few years back at Big Show” and included a picture of the two.

Inside the picture, G-Dragon squats to Ha Eum’s eye-level and sweetly looks into her eyes. He looks more adorable since he tied up his bangs. Judging from Sean’s message and the background, they are at Big Bang’s dressing room.

Netizens who saw the picture of uncle G-Dragon and Ha Eum commented, “Just looking at this picture warms me up,” “G-Dragon looks like a baby,” “G-Dragon’s apple hair is so cute,” “Where is Ha Eum looking at?”