Yoo Seung Ho and Boyfriend’s Kwang Min Share a Special Past

Yoo Seung Ho and Kwang Min, from idol group Boyfriend, are receiving attention for crossing paths during childhood.

Recently, an online community forum posted several pictures of the two under the title “A twin from Boyfriend and Yoo Seung Ho’s Advertisement for Children Clothes.”

The two pictures show the two stars advertising children apparel. Their younger selves look super adorable in different poses.

Many netizens had the same reaction looking at the images. Some of the comments include “They were charismatic since then,” “One succeeded as an actor, the other as an idol,” “I want to squish their young cheeks.”

Meanwhile, Boyfriend is currently promoting their newest track “Iyah” and have recently been swept up in controversy with the music video. Yoo Seung Ho is wrapping up his drama “I Miss You” and will enter the military afterwards.