A video of rookie group EXO (EXO-K and EXO-M) getting harassed by their fans at Incheon International Airport has caused a stir in the Netizen community.

The video was captured by Arts News and it is titled “EXO – Cursing and violence rampant as they leave the roit-like situation.” The video shows hordes of young EXO fans swarming around the members of EXO and generating chaos as the members try to get through safely to fly out to Malaysia for the 27th Golden Disk Awards. While some K-Pop fans may be familiar with airport fancams that hint at what the singers go through, the aerial view of this video gives a broader perspective.

The video commentaries explain that some of the fans have waited ten hours to see their group arrive. The fans crowd around EXO, waving around their cameras and cellphones. You can also hear the fans shouting out the members names but also their cursing, at each other and at the staff members. The staff members are aggressive as they protectively escort the members of EXO through the gates. Despite their efforts they can do very little against the hundreds of girls, and one member falls.

The comments made at the original video are mostly criticisms aimed at EXO fans for their unruly behavior but it must be remembered that this situation is not unique to only EXO. Other popular K-Pop artists have had to go through huge crowds of fans and media in airports all over the world. Perhaps this is just the price that must be paid for fame.