Taeyang Receives a Special Kiss From Ha Eum

Ha Eum once again became the center of much envy with her special connection to Big Bang.

On January 15, YG Entertainment‘s Sean uploaded a picture of Taeyang and his daughter Ha Eum right after posting a picture of her with G-Dragon. He included the caption “Ha Eum and Taeyang a few years back at Big Show.”

Inside the picture, Taeyang kneels down and gently embraces Ha Eum as he waits for a kiss like an adoring uncle. She plants a big one on his cheeks to his delight.

Some of the netizen comments include, “G-Dragon stares at her and she also gets to kiss Taeyang? I’m jealous of Ha Eum,” “She was born and Big Bang became her uncles,” “I wish I had uncles like them.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang was recently revealed that he was resting at G-Dragon’s pension and took a picture of the beautiful scenery with teammate Daesung.