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So what’s the dealio with Rain?

First we find out really juicy gossip that the “World Star” is dating the beautiful-oh-so-goddess-like Kim Tae Hee. Then BAM! He gets hit by military controversy like a bolt of lightning! Why, Rain, why are you caught up in all this controversy? (And not caught up with some more Kim Tae Hee! WONK! WONK!)

Did you shoot somebody on accident during training? Did you burn down the Korean flag? Did you pledge allegiance to Japan?

No what he did is worse, it is UNFORGIVABLE. (Cue Satire) He forgot to wear his military cap! He took a little detour while he was outside. (Going out to meet Kim Tae Hee according to the pictures) Suddenly Netizens and Korea are down on Rain’s case and they are pulling a Stephen Colbert. (Don’t know what I mean? Click here!) 

Rain’s punishment for his offenses weren’t that bad. He had to write an apology letter, read a book and write a review about it. But, right now, his image has taken a big hit and the Korean public is crying out that celebrity treatment in the military is unfair!

So why is this such a big deal that Lightningstix has to write about it? Well, it seems like the public is using this opportunity to speak out against celebrities receiving preferential treatment in the military. Why is this significant? Celebrities and South Korea’s mandatory military service have had a rocky relationship.


It hearkens all the way back to… 2002. South Korea had its World Cup, and K-Pop solo artists were the fad at the time. One solo artist named Yoo Seung Joon was in a peculiar situation. He had both a Korean and American citizenship. On TV shows he made appearances where he promised he would attend his mandatory Korean military service.

Well, Yoo Seung Joon switched his mind the day before and for a while all of the South Koreans with American citizenships were scrutinized. After this incident the fire began to burn! It continued on! WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE~~~~~

Here’s what happened afterwards:

(Cray Cray Defense)

H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun claimed he was crazy. PSY had to do his military service all over again — when he was almost finished! Supposedly he hadn’t performed his duties properly. Then, we had MC Mong who got caught for forging fake medical conditions to avoid his military service.

(Have Two Military Numbers)

Some foreign media sources are stating that military service is always a picky issue with Koreans because of the relations with North Korea. You see technically the two countries are still at war. I agree with this contention somewhat. But if you dig down deeper I think it has to do with envy and jealousy.

(Oooh, I’m so sick I don’t have to go to the military~)

Doing your mandatory military service in South Korea is an arduous affair that most people would get out of if they had the chance. I believe, people who go through their military service probably hate the fact that other people are having a it easier because they are rich, celebrities, have other foreign citizenship, and etc.

Honestly, that kind of reasoning has a valid point. If it is mandatory and everyone has to do it, then nobody should get preferential treatment, right? RIGHT?

But, when was the world ever fair like that?

THE BEAST LIGHTNINGSTIX HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM HIS CHAINS! Lightningstix will try and give the news and his opinions the way he sees it. Lightningstix might offend, tease, hurt, make fun of you the reader. Lightningstix does not care. But deep inside he does. So leave comments! 

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