Open World Entertainment CEO Courtroom Drama Continues

Bad news for sexual predators of entertainment agency trainees! The “Open World Entertainment” sexual assault case involving the CEO “Mr. Chang” has been going on for a while now. Now, Korean prosecutors are hard on their case.

 On January 15, the court drama continued because a “Mr. Hyun” was brought in to testify. Mr. Hyun stated, “I have worked with Mr. Chang for nearly 10 years and I never thought he would be involved in something that happened last year. Although there are things he did wrong, Mr. Chang has worked very hard in the music industry. I hope you look at him in a favorable light.”

The prosecutors raised suspicions that Mr. Hyun had actually assisted in the alleged sexual encounters. Mr. Hyun worked on the fourth floor while Mr. Chang worked on the fifth. The prosecutors stated that Mr. Hyun was in a position to stop the sexual encounters from going on, or he probably knew what was going on.

Mr. Hyun replied, “Is not knowing also a form of assistance? Because of the nature of our work, I thought that it was normal that trainees were going to the fifth floor.”

Mr. Chang had already lost his case on August 10 and received a 6 year prison sentence. Currently, Mr. Chang is appealing the decision.